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Amsterdam: Things that are a Must-do in Amsterdam


         Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands.

Fun facts about Amsterdam:

  •  The XXX on the city’s coat of arms represents crosses of Saint Andrew, according to most historians. St. Andrew was a fisherman who was martyred on an X-shaped cross in the 1st century. Amsterdam was originally a fishing village. Or it could symbolize the three kisses that Dutch people give when greeting. You decide!
  • The number of bars and cafes in Amsterdam is 1,515.
  • The number of bridges in Amsterdam is 1,281. However, there are 80 bridges within the center of Amsterdam.
  • The approximate number of tourists visiting Amsterdam in a year is 20,000,000.

Things that are a Must-do in Amsterdam:

  • Van Gogh museum Amsterdam
    • Come face to face with original Van Goghs.
    • No trip to Amsterdam could be complete without paying homage to Dutch impressionist Vincent Van Gogh.
    • The modern building on Museumplein is home to 1000 plus of the artist’s paintings, drawings and letters.
    •  They offer visitors the chance to not only get up close and personal with some of his instantly recognizable art pieces, but also to track his development and learn more about the artists who inspired by him.
  • Eat away at 30 food stalls in a former tram depot
    • Located in the hip Oud-West neighborhood, De Hallen is a brand new center for the arts, crafts, fashion and food.
    •  Recently renovated industrial building dating from 1902 are a sight for sour eyes.
    • De Hallen houses a cinema, independent stores and a boutique hotel, as well as the remarkable Food Hallen. This is a food-and-drink heaven where visitors can grab a bite through a selection of street food from one of many sellers found around a central bar.
  • A day trip through the city of Amsterdam
    • If you are visiting for more than a few days, then head out of the city to explore the various attractions of the surrounding area.
    •  Just a short hop from Amsterdam lies a rich landscape of gorgeous landscape, beaches, castles, windmills and historic towns. All these are easily reachable from the city center or the hotel you are staying in.
    • In the surrounding countryside you will find plenty of old castles, fortified towns and ruins, of which Muiden is one of the most remarkable specimens.

Hotels to stay in:

         Before you start your glorious vacation to Amsterdam, you need to know about the hotels you can stay in. Out of the many spectacular hotels, we have listed out a few to help you save time. These are not only amazing places to stay but are also can be referred to as budget friendly places in Amsterdam.

  • Cocomama
    • Located in a less touristy but convenient part of town near Rembrandt Square.
    • This stylish, gracious hostel, has a racy history. (*whispers* It was previously a brothel).
    • The hotel is housed in a century-old building, having exquisite period details, chandeliers and lofty ceilings.
    • This hostel is stylish but cozy, welcoming and warm.
    • The price range starts from €21- €45.
    • They offer free Wi-Fi, organized tours, kitchen and luggage lockers.


  • Generator Amsterdam
    • A bed in a 4-bed mixed dorm starts at €17, a premium double room can be acquired for €85.
    • Generator Amsterdam is a brand new hostel found in the east of Amsterdam.
    • The hostel has an educational past, a former zoological building.
    • The previous lecture hall has been restored as a lounge and bar.
    • The modern design contrasts well with the beauty of the old building.
    • The offer free Wi-Fi, bike hire, bed linen, 24 hour front desk, breakfast, lunch and dinner available on the property.

 One fo those hotels is the courtyard hotel in Amsterdam, which has a scaninavian restaurant on the first floor. More information about a budget hotel in Amsterdam