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Expat tax Netherlands

Are you living in The Netherlands and in need for expat tax Netherlands? We would strongly advise Taxsight then! This group of expat tax experts located in Amsterdam can handle all different matters around taxing, both locally and internationally.

When you get help from this company you can be sure of the best service, and also know that your tax matters will be handled accurately and with the best possible solutions. This company also contributes tax lawyers.

Therefore they can also support you with income expat tax return, and even appeal procedures. If you’re ever in need of any advice around this matters, please contact them!

Tax services in The Netherlands

Both individuals and entrepreneurs can get help from this company. These tax advisors are equipped with the most recent developments, and are also specialized in international taxes. But, there is even more. The can also help you when you’re looking for advise for accountancy and tax compliance.

Looking for payroll advice, or maybe company tax related matters? They can help you. It’s good to know that expats who already pay tax in their own countries can claim a return in the Dutch taxes, so that they don’t pay double taxes.

It’s not very nice to find out you’re paying tax in The Netherlands, but also in your own country. In order to regulate this, you need to fill in some forms which this company can help you with.


It’s clear, this company is a very good choice for individuals and entrepreneurs. Especially expats can get the best possible help here.

What is an expat? It’s a person who works in their country and also abroad. This can vary from short periods to longer periods of time. But, if you’re not an expat you can also contact this company for all your tax matters!