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What is IPv4 address lease?

Leasing is the new buying – whether it concerns a car, a bed or any other utensil, leasing is hot. However, did you know you can also lease IPv4 addresses? The shortage of IPv4 addresses as a consequence of the limited 32-bit address space has resulted in a dynamic trade market of IPv4 addresses. Companies with surplus IPv4 blocks are looking to find buyers facing a shortage in their IPv4 addresses, and thus facing a network capacity problem, to sell their surplus blocks against interesting rates. However, this process may take longer than expected or wished. IPv4 lease is the solution to this, and more. 

The benefits of leasing IPv4 address space 

In contrast to the lengthy process of buying IPv4 address space, leasing the required space only takes a few seconds. After placing your order, you are granted access to your purchase within just 48 hours. This solves your problem in just hours rather than weeks. Moreover, you are not dependent on the market when you want to sell your IPv4 address space. When you no longer need your addresses, after a successful migration to IPv6 for example, you can just end the lease contract and not be bothered with taking your commodities to the exchange market. 

IPv4 address space leasing is one of the most popular current solutions for commercial business projects that run into network capacity problems. It is quick, reliable and easy. Moreover, the party issuing the lease of the IPv4 addresses is able to guide you towards the right decision. Based on your needs, a specialized broker is able to assist and advise you in your search for IPv4 addresses – whether this means leasing or buying. 

A specialized IP broker knows the exchange market surrounding IPv4 addresses and is able to best represent your interests. When you decide to lease, this means you always have a point of contact to return to when you run into questions or other issues concerning your IP blocks. 

Selecting the right IPv4 lease partner 

Are you unsure which broker to choose? Search for a broker that is able to offer either long term or short term IPv4 address space lease options. This allows you to receive significant financial savings as well as flexibility that can be times to match a specific project. So choose a broker that offers transparency, expertise and an extensive network.